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Posted by TERUEL | Oct 12, 2012 @ 03:27 PM | 1,749 Views
Greetings, brothers!

I come to your forum to humbly ask for your guidance, for this field is new to me! My plan is to buy a UAV, but the companies I've contacted haven't yet replied my e-mails. Perhaps one of you can recommend me a few companies

What I need the UAV for is environmental monitoring. I plan to use it to cover an area of around 1 thousand square kilometers. Is an electric plane viable? Most of what I saw were gas ones...

And do you know if exporting to Brazil is easy with these machines?

Aaaand in case anyone here knows anything about Radars, LiDAR and GPS in UAV, I'd like to know more about that too.

I will appreciate any tip, as I'm a complete newbie in this field.