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Posted by Grantham Kid | Sep 27, 2013 @ 07:13 AM | 116,235 Views
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I started modelling at primary school. Chuckies, rubber band etc and progressed to control-line and free flight models. My first R/C was a World Engines Blue Max and while it got me going it was rather a pathetic unit having very bad servo re-centering but at the same time really a big step forward in the learning curve. I couldn't afford a dream radio Skyleader SLX at the time but eventually purchased a Futaba set. Several more followed and then I tried HiTec and the back to Futaba and then HiTec again. Presently I have a Hitec Optic 6 converted to FrSky and a Turnigy 9X (FrSky) and am very content with those. Maybe one day a Taranis. (Now I have one) Woo Now I also have a new Spektrum DX6 (G3) as well. Too many planes on the Taranis.... And now... A new Taranis Q X7 has joined the Hanger. As @ 27th Oct 2017... Oooops, Picked up a virtually unused Spektrum DX8 with some 6 and 8 channel Receivers and a TM1000 telemetry module and sensors and a Phoenix Flight Sim for $100 the lot. Don't really need it but how could you let it go for that?
I have tried most modelling avenues and even competed in Old Timer, Glider and Pattern in the past. My favs are Glider, (thermal) and FPV and general sport flying. I have (at time of blog entry) several aircraft including Phoenix 2000, Radian, modified Raptor (twin engine, landing gear) , T180, BAE Hawk DF, PC9, Sukhoi 29, a T28 Trojan, Pietenpol and several own design and about 9 Wings including 2 x Skywalker...Continue Reading