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Posted by mp43sniper | Nov 04, 2012 @ 10:53 AM | 1,928 Views
I've been having a lot of fun with my Tonka Summit since it's first stage completion. I bought a very nice Tonka Jeep on Ebay for $25 and used it instead of my wife's original toy. I did this for a couple reasons - I really like the blue version, and I wanted to do the initial build on something I could mess up and not worry about ruining. Now that it's done, I'm so happy with it I don't know if I'll ever even mess with the black one.

The only FPV'ing I've done so far is by mounting a small camcorder inside and driving around Line of Sight. This is because I want to save up for really good FPV gear and all the other stuff I'll need to finish the build. Also, the new GoPro 3 black will be coming out soon. I'll probably buy it first and get it mounted correctly for FPV, which will give me some even better videos while still saving for the other gear I need. At least I'll have good videos to watch and share while the build continues.

I've also ordered the Hobby King EPP - FPV airplane which I want to FPV really bad. It was my reason for finding this forum initially, but I decided to do the Tonka Summit first since winter is coming and the weather will keep me from flying much at all for several months. I can slowly get the plane done over the winter and spring while enjoying the heck out of the Tonka.
Posted by mp43sniper | Oct 14, 2012 @ 02:42 PM | 1,954 Views
Hi all. I'm new here. My name is Craig and I'm from a small town near Pittsburgh.

My goal is a Tonka Summit FPV vehicle to play with in the neighborhood and at my camp. I have my wife's Tonka Jeep from when she was a kid (used with Barbies inside only) and I'm heading to the hobby shop now to pick up a 1/10 Summit.