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Posted by YankleStl | Mar 20, 2013 @ 12:22 AM | 3,759 Views
Carbon-Z Scimitar is a wonderful airframe minus the terrible tork roll at landing speeds and the constant prop breaking. The reason I decided to do the conversion was because I'm building a Falcon 120 EDF and have this ducted fan pusher sindrum I'm trying to fix, and so there it was. The conversion was fast and simple because I had everthing basically laying around the shop to do it. I made the EDF mount out of carbon fiber utilizing the factory motor mount holes. I installed the factory lip to the fan and removed some foam and plastic for better airflow. The model itself needed very little to no trimming in its maiden flight and sprung from the runway like never before. Carbon-Z Scimitar now handled rock solid at low speeds and was noticeably faster all around, with no prop breaking,o Success. With some tuning of the efflux and proper thrust this airframe could see close to 100 with stock eflite 80mm fan unit. Setup( 80mm eflite fan unit, 80amp eflite esc, 3000 6s skylipo 30c) 4 min flight with throttle management or 3 min all-out. Planning on upgraded fan unit to a 90mm running 100 amps, I'm also going to try squeezing a 5000 or at least a 4000 size 6s in the fuselage. PS plan on reposting after the upgrade. Maiden flight video link.
Eflite Carbon Z Scimitar EDF Conversion (3 min 34 sec)
Thanks for checking out my project, Travis