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Posted by jk6672 | May 28, 2016 @ 02:03 PM | 2,175 Views
I have the 60 Yak and the 91 Yak both in the Russian Thunder scheme so naturally I wanted the 110 Yak in the Russian Thunder scheme as well. I originally called Tim at to see when he was getting the Demonstrator in, but when he said the Yak would be arriving the next day I immediately changed my decision without thought.
This version is beautiful inside and out, not to mention HUGE, and I thought my 91 was big. When I ordered it I knew it was going to be bigger, but side by side those 19 inches makes a big difference.
I had everything unpacked and staged in less than 1/2 an hour. I took my time visually inspecting the wings, stabs, rudder, and fuselage. It's gorgeous on the outside and inside. I had to be carful removing the tape securing the ailerons down because the film is loose in that area and wanted to lift off at the seams. Nothing a good ironing wont take care off. The covering was tight all over the plane, but now that it's been in my shop for a couple of days its starting to get some wrinkles. This is normal and all the planes I've ever had to this, but it's just going to be a lot of work on this size of plane. Once I took the canopy off I just had to step back a minute and take in what actually went into designing this model, the internal structure of the 110 is an ingenuous work of art. It's build with the strength of a tank, but engineered to withstand abuse without weighing like a tank.

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Posted by jk6672 | Mar 13, 2016 @ 12:56 PM | 3,924 Views
The Legacy Turbo Bushmaster is a new offering put out by the Extreme Flight family of brands. I grabbed this beauty from Tim at since I live on the west coast the shipping is a little less. Tim's Customer service is great and is on par with the quality of service I've received from Extreme Flight and 3DHS.
This plane has been an enjoyable build and it's amazingly light for it's size. For the electronics I went with a Motrofly 4315-480kv, Castle ICE lite 100 with external 10amp BEC, Jeti in line cap since I had to extend the battery lead off the ESC, Savox SV1250mg servos, SWB 1.50 servo arms on the wing control surfaces and 1.25 on the elevator. I took it a step further and used 440 Dubro ball links along with SWB titanium push rods. For the pull-pull I used a Secraft 2.5 full servo arm and the SWB pull pull set up at the servo and the stock hardware at the rudder.

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Posted by jk6672 | Aug 24, 2015 @ 08:41 PM | 3,433 Views
I bought the ARF a few months back and finally have been able to work on it. I decided to go electric with a 12S set-up. I purchased my stand-offs from SteveT and they are perfect in every way from the craftsmanship to the length. I like a tight spinner gap and these definitely give you that. I did however have some mounting problems with my set-up. I centered the X-mount template on the factory supplied cross-hairs and it didn't turn out to be centered on the prop adapter exit in the cowl. Just a word of advise, don't assume it will be centered when you drill your holes. I didn't have the correct size spinner to double check center before going forward and I paid for it latter with the extra work of filling in bad holes. I didn't need to fill them in, but I don't want the motor box to look like swiss cheese. I also had the mentality that I would've ran across others have the same problem in the 3DHS 74 Edge thread:

I didn't take any photos of the unpacking, but everything came well packed and secured. There wasn't a single piece damaged. The wings come in their own separate bags. They are nice bags, but I wish they would have been more like the Extreme Flight bags, I like one bag for both wings. Less clutter when it comes to storing multiple planes.

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Posted by jk6672 | Jun 30, 2015 @ 07:58 PM | 3,845 Views
I finally upgraded my charging system to something easily transportable and capable of charging anything I need.

I'm stoked!

I know it's hard to see, but the icharger is setting on top of a Mean Well 2000w power supply.

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Posted by jk6672 | May 02, 2015 @ 11:42 AM | 3,419 Views
Coming to life:

This is a great plane, I've been flying it a lot lately and had an issue with dropping a while conducting parachute operations. The first time it happened was down low and scared the crap out of me as I wan't expecting this to happen. I continued to do them but higher up and I was having the same outcome, I kept dropping the same wing. If never had to do this before, but I tied a string around the prop adapter and put some tape on the rudder to keep it locked in.
I hoisted up the nose and let the bottom of the rudder rest on my index finger. Well, it was no surprise that the right side was heavier seeing as that was the wing giving me the trouble. I put 2g of weight (two washers) on the left SFG bolts and rebalanced. seemed to balance better. I weighed the SFG's and one of them was 1g heavier.

I flew it today and the problem was gone. easy fix. I

Right now I'm using Yellow Jacket 6s 3750's, but I just upgraded my charging system to the icharger and hopefully will be able to pick up some REVO 6s 3700 435 blends to try out.
Posted by jk6672 | Apr 19, 2015 @ 08:10 PM | 4,289 Views
Comming soon....

Had a shop party today and I cut out early to do a little work in my shop. Thanks to TimmyC not minding me using his idea on the MXS and Eric doing an absolutely beautiful job recreating it with a few photos. Here's a snap of the fuselage. You would never know unless I tell you, but I had to position the larger start on the left side down and back a little more than the other to cover a tear started while lifting the checkerboard off. I still need to peel the black film off the top and I'll be able to apply the wing graphixs.

...Done with wings

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Posted by jk6672 | Nov 08, 2014 @ 12:28 AM | 5,317 Views

I tried some gloss and flat black to make it look like fan rotors, but didn't turn out so nice. I think I'll sand it off when I get a chance and spray it gloss black only or go back to white.

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