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Posted by SR120 fan | Mar 30, 2015 @ 02:51 PM | 2,365 Views
oops (0 min 47 sec)

How's that for a first impression?

Over the next couple of days I plan to give my Walkera a bit of an overhaul. Not that she was damaged much in the tumble, although it was only today I realised part of my gimbal is missing. So I better get the torch out and go hunting..But because I have been putting of adding the telemetry modules which I have had for a while and until a couple of weeks ago I hadnt flown for 2 months, for no good reason..Which seemed nuts and maybe part of that was because I want to be flying FPV with all that mission planner stuff and never pulled the trigger on it...The soldering is going to be tricky I know, but I am happy that I have got the right tools in, although a lot of people would disagree with one major element of my tool kit. I will tell you what that was if it all goes well. If not you will never hear from me again

So here goes. I already have a lot of the stuff I will be adding (antennas, Radio, ezcap running great on a laptop etc So I am trying not to let expenditure get out of hand, but as it's Walkera, even a poor mature student such as myself can afford to keep in the game.. For now anyway

To be continued.....