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Posted by Scottsr1950 | Sep 28, 2012 @ 09:32 PM | 2,101 Views
I have always wanted to learn to fly RC Planes but since I'm an old man now I figured it was to late, not to mention that I had no idea that there were electric planes (other than the cheezy little planes my grandsons got for Xmas). Then I watched a video on Youtube showing the Champ... that had me hooked. Purchased my first plane "the champ" and haven't looked back. Thanks to the help I received joining RCGroups, I know have a DX6i Tx and just bought a Super Cub LP. I have learned so much from one special friend here at RCGroups.
Chris has been with me every moment to anwer my questions about my new Tx and has given me so many pointers on just about everything needed for a noobie like myself to keep my new intrest alive. I did get disapointed a few times and was going to give up, but knowing that I have someone to rely on with questions I am now on fire with RC flying. It's great to have questions answered in a post, but to have someone begin to message you with answers.. it didn't take long for us to become very good friends... Even though we live many many miles apart, I feel like he is just next door when i need help not only with planes but things in personal life. I am so happy that RCGroups has provided me with an avenue to find friends like Chris. I will be taking my Super Cub up in a couple of days and will report how it went! Looking at the Champ and knowing that I can fly it with no problems at all... and then look at the Super Cub sitting right beside it... Woah Doggies.... What goes up must come down and it's that down part that has me a bit worried :-)
Stay Tuned!