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Posted by Lozki | Jan 26, 2013 @ 10:23 AM | 3,294 Views
Lozki here, and ive been flying helis almost a year now i remember when i bought my first one from walmart hahaha ya walmart that was junk, then i went to my local hobby shop and bought my frist REAL heli a blade cx2 it was nice, it showed me how to fly a real heli and how it works and how to use a real radio. From their i went to a sr120 very fun and alot diff then the cx2 masted that heli, but the reason i got in heli flying was the 3D flying looked fun and just all around sport flying, so next on my list was a 130x and yes ive had my ups and downs with the 130x but i got over it and now she flys sooooo nice (love that brid) the 130x has gave me the confidence to hit what i call the (O sh** switch)...idle up and try back flips, front flips, and inverted hovering and every thing that come with that. From the 130x i went to the blade sr400...Ehh not really the best heli in a way but what ever...so i just recently i bought my blade 300x and let me tell you all i LOVE LOVE LOVE her frist off beastx love the fbl syatem that was on my 130x and now the 300x she hover soooooo nice just every thing about her...i call her "lady bird" lol my 300x has gave my the confidence to fly bigger helis and get used to the way they fly after having my 300x i can see myself hopping up to a 450x or a 500...i guess what im saying in all this i love my 300x...better yet i love all my helis and heli flying...Lozki