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Posted by jnmardister | Sep 20, 2012 @ 09:51 AM | 1,872 Views
well i joined this forum to ask a question, come to find out, i really like being part of a forum. theres not so much garbage on the site like facebook. i guess i should tell a little about my self? im 22 years old. i have the most beautiful wife. (everyone says that... but mine is) we live in germany with our beagle igor, hes two and my wife is 20. yeah yeah yeah i know we are so young lol.

i started flying with the walkera v400D02 then sold it and bought the dirty bird from walkera, i really like that thing but its a pain in my butt, so im gonna sell it when i get home (im deployed). then i bought the copter x black angel and i really really like that heli. i crash it all the time lol, only because i try really dumb stuff like a back flip six feet off the ground (epic fail). then i got in to gliders while i was on R&R back in july and found i really like them... not that i can fly them, but still why not? then my Lt gane me his old cub and gutted it and made it sky worthy again.

well i guess thats good for now... and i hope i did this right. this post is supposed to be a blog? w/e the heck that is...lol still learning