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Posted by sheriffjohn | Sep 20, 2016 @ 03:13 PM | 1,672 Views

Thought id start a blog.
I had done some cliff sailplane flying some 15 years ago. So 4-5 years ago. I bought a parkzone Corsair which i crashed right off. Then joined a club and bought a parkzone t-28 and learned to fly. No safe technology, just a simulator and some buddy box flying.

2nd plane, another corsair. 1st it was painted dark blue. After a crash I repainted it in the light grey, white and blue of the later versions.

All foamys but now moving into balsa

Ill post photos when i can. But if interested, you can click on My Attachments and view what ive posted.

Note: these past few years, i've crashed so many times that ive gotten good at repairing foamys! 1/2-1 hr i can reglue, touch up and paint a foamy back to flight ready. Sometimes so good that you can hardly tell where it broke. Im not so sure that i should be proud of that! Ha!


Parkzone T-28
Parkzone Corsair (note 1)
Parkzone P-47 (best flying foamy! Crashed at friends home made runway in NH) note 1
Parkzone BF-109 ( distroyed early on never could fly it well)
Parkzone FW-190 ( great flyer, poor lander until i added flaps. ) note 1

Note 1: upgraded to 4s, 60 amp ESC, P-25 motor. 2 with 4 bladed prop, 1 with 3 blade

FreeWing Mosquito ( flys poorly when out of trim. Currently in pieces)
FreeWing Sabre Jet ( awesome looking and sounds even better in the air. Slow flying, easy to fly, but i have problems landing. I break nose gear a lot)

UMX Beast ( a hoot to fly)
UMX Spitfire ( very easy to...Continue Reading