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Posted by Manny 6113 | Jan 21, 2013 @ 04:28 PM | 1,810 Views
Hello everyone! I'm kind of new to this hobby but I'm enjoying every minute of it. So far Ive been flying prop driven planes but wanna get into the EDF world. I was wondering if anyone would wanna share some of their knowledge with me. Here's what Ive started with. I bought a used 70mm F-35 that was running on a 70amp esc. I don't know what kind of power or kv the motor is because there's no info on it. I bought a 5000mah 30c 4s for it but i was not expecting to be so big and heavy. I tried it and to my surprised it flew really good but it did feel quite heavy and slow in the air. I took it on a second flight but didnt last long before the 70amp esc fried. lucky i wasn't too high and was able to land it safely. Should I buy a 90 or 100amp esc and see if it performs better? any help will be greatly appreciated.
Oh I forgot to mention the fan is 5 blade maybe that'll help.
I know the jet is heavy with that li-po but I still wanna use it even if it means to upgrade motor,ESC and blade combo that can produce enough thrust to weight ratio.

Thank you fellow pilots!