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Posted by elkabong80 | Sep 03, 2013 @ 10:27 PM | 3,474 Views
Went to Hobby Lobby this Monday and picked this little guy up. It's about 12" long and about 12" wingspan.

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Description:  at Hobby Lobby (the craft store)

I had a little Air Hogs Havoc Heli from several years ago that was trashed by my 3 year old. It still charged up and the motor spun. I thought it would be perfect for a smaller application and set out to find that application. Enter the rubber band plane. Its a balsa fuselage with thin foam wings and tail. This could work, right?

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Description: Modified balsa plane nose and Air Hogs (PizooZ) "brick."

I used hot glue to attach the gearbox/brick to the front of the fuselage, centered.

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Posted by elkabong80 | Jan 12, 2013 @ 02:00 PM | 3,175 Views
I'm trying today to make paper canopy for my little bird so I don't have to fork out a bunch of cash for a "real" canopy. I realize obtaining the materials and tools is more costly at first, but in the long run they are cheaply reproduced.

This is my first "alpha" build. Its just plain paper and I scotch taped it instead of glue. I didn't do all the necessary folds.

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The post holes do not line up at all because, I believe, I reduced the image site too much from the mcpx version. Not a deal breaker as new holes are easy to make.

I've not seen any templates specifically for the nano around, but hopefully people will get there. I will be printing on card stock later and getting some vinyl sticker paper and printing on that as well in hopes of strengthening the paper. Updates to follow!
Posted by elkabong80 | Jan 09, 2013 @ 10:46 PM | 2,341 Views
Well, I took the plunge. Literally. Straight into the garage floor. HARD. The nano still flies, though.

I tried a side roll to inverted. Smashed the side of my canopy.
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I tried a front flip. Shattered the nose.
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I tried a back flip.... Broke nothing, thankfully. I was fully expecting to crack my tail boom, but I made it completely over and beyond and crashed into a box.

I managed to hit the throttle hold before each impact. However, I lost track of time and hit LVC. Oh well. It was a fun experiment to see how bad I am. It still seems a bit more beneficial than the simulator. For me, at least. The sim just seems so different than actually flying something. When there is money on the line, I feel much more responsible, and until today, wouldn't even try inverting.
Posted by elkabong80 | Jan 07, 2013 @ 09:42 PM | 2,366 Views
I received the wonderful gift of flight this Christmas. I got new microheli blade grips, and a rakon heli swashplate for my mSR X as well as a nano cpx! After the blade grips and swash the little mSR X is a new bird! It flies almost like a normal heli now. The dx4e does a lot towards making this a fun heli now. I can fly small circuits around the garage now, though admittedly sloppy and crash filled. I did manage about 2 solid minutes of flight without smashing into anything.

I also received a smartieparts board for my 9x and will soon (within 45 days) be getting my orangerx dsmx/dsm2 module and then I'll be in for some serious fun!
Posted by elkabong80 | Nov 29, 2012 @ 01:02 PM | 2,334 Views
It would seem that the convenience of shopping on the internet comes at the cost of good customer service. Well, not really. That isn't fair. What I see as slow shipping may, in fact, be just busy people or extenuating circumstances. However, that is not my problem. WHERE IS MY STUFF?! If the "estimated" delivery is today, I expect it today. I also expect proper tracking information for a timely shipped product.

I ordered a USB cable for sim use of my 9x and an xtreme carbon fiber blade grip. The grip was first and shipped 2 days after the purchase and should have arrived today. Nope. The other one shipped after 2 days and is coming from ONE state away. Boo. Just wanted to rant bit. Doesn't really matter. I'm just an impatient dude.

Now, off to buy the fabled Harbor Freight heli case!
Posted by elkabong80 | Nov 26, 2012 @ 09:27 PM | 2,996 Views
I just spend the last couple hours tonight, and about 4 hours last night trying to get my computer and fms/rc desk pilot to recognize my th9x for some practice between actually flight sessions and for some cp practice in preparation for my nano cpx that I hope to have soon. What a tremendous pain in the!

I tried everything that I could find on the Internet to help. Everything. Nothing wanted to work. I even tried to hook up my ps3 controller as a last resort. THAT didn't even work. I give up. I want to order a USB cable for it, but I need to know what one will work and will give me at least 6 controllable channels. It seems that the audio cable was only going to give me 4 channels, so it wouldn't have mattered if I got it working and a co model set up.

I need to do this for very, very little cost. Money is tight for the holidays as usual, but I can always find a little extra to spend on me. Off for some more research into a cable and some real flight time on the mSR X. Peace.
Posted by elkabong80 | Nov 24, 2012 @ 08:02 PM | 2,651 Views
I've got an mSR X that I bought on eBay from a seller claiming it was for parts only because it suffered from "Toilet Bowl Effect." I bought it kind of blindly, having read that TBE was impossible on a flybarless heli (thanks, fellow RC Groups micro heli flyers!) Looks like I was right! Some quick adjustments to the servo links like I had on my V911 to make that hover hands-free and it seemed okay. It did still fly of of control on turns, however, so more work would be required.

Then I discovered the MMM/JBB mod/method. What a difference! I don't think I was able to quite get the AS3X turned off properly, but I managed to get it tamed a bit. I only have the RTF tx, so I wasn't expecting miracles, but I got a miracle. I can actually (kind of) make a turn without crashing or zooming out of control. I still cannot make a proper turn, or piro, for that matter, but its a work in progress. Hovering comes easily now, but I quickly get over-confident and try to piro or circuit, leading to a crash (or 12). I've broken 2 blade grips and chocked the heck out of a set of blades. A carbon fiber xtreme blade grip is on its way via eBay. I considered the microheli metal version, but this was more cost effective at just over $7. If it works out, great, if not rakonheli or microheli aluminum CNC it is!

Now, I need to get some more batteries. What I really need to know, since I've read that the turnigy nano-techs don't fit right. Should I just stick with the eflite 150mah 1s 25c batteries? I need more so that I can continue to progress my orientation training. Time for more research.

I'm working on getting a smartieparts board and Hobbyking Orange DSM module for some dsm/er9x love. I really don't want to buy another tx. If need be, I'll hack open the MLP4DSM and transplant the module into the 9x, but the orange module seems far simpler.

There, now I feel better. My blog isn't blank anymore. Sweet!