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Posted by neusse | Mar 30, 2014 @ 07:44 PM | 3,112 Views
Thought I would finally share my new bodge.

I made a wireless buddy box module last friday. Just finished bench testing with my Taranis and a DX5e. Everything works perfect. This should be able to bind to any DSM2 capable transmitter.

How I made it.

I got one of those empty JR modules from Horizon. Also a LemonRX receiver. The LemonRX has a PPM output. Made a quick voltage regulator out of an LM7805 and a couple capacitors. Stuffed it all inside the empty module with a switch for binding and we were good to go.

Just plug it into the JR module bay for power. Bind the student with the switch. Plug the PPM cable back into the Master and the transmitter thinks it is using a buddy cable.

Here is a picture.

The Taranis has some features that are cool/odd. You can set it up so the trainer is additive to the instructor. Meaning both the instructor and student are flying the plane. I am not sure I would want that. Even real pilots dont "share" one or the other has the plane. But the traditional either or is also available.

One big issue for me. The horizon JR module has screws that just strip out break off etc. I had to glue the module shut. The Horizon module has to be tapped if you want to use the screws that come with it. Otherwise get some self tapping screws.

Posted by neusse | Mar 19, 2014 @ 11:07 PM | 3,260 Views
Have decided to build a module for the Taranis to allow a wireless trainer connection.

I will use an empty JR module from Horizon and the Lemon-RC receiver.
This Lemon receiver is capable of PPM output.

I will install the Lemon Rx into the JR module. I will also setup a switch for binding and have a trainer plug that exits to plug into the trainer port on the Taranis.

By using the module I can access power without having to make an internal installation of the Lemon Rx. This also eliminates the problem of binding. Since any spectrum compatible transmitter could be bound instead of just one transmitter I would need to always carry. Just need a button to bind to any radio.

More to come once the parts arrive. Should be simple. haha
Posted by neusse | Nov 04, 2013 @ 04:58 PM | 2,443 Views
1 x David W style tri-copter w/ KK2.0
1 x E-Flite Apprentice S 15e
2 x Bixler 2
1 x ASK-21 (NIB)
1 x Hyperion Yak 55SP
1 x Beast (Need Skills NIB)
1 x TwinStar || (NIB)
1 x FliteTest Spitfire
1 x FliteTest Cruzer ( no maiden yet)
1 x Nico Hobby F22
1 x Nano QX Quad

1 x unfinished depron SeaDart.

OK way more airplanes than I should have.


1 x FrSky Taranis w/
- removable Antenna Mod for high gain antennas
- smooth scroll side sliders mod
- want haptic mod


1 x 900mhz tranmitter
1 x $17 HK flight camera
1 x 900mhz RX
1 x Readymade RC 7inch LED display
1 x FatShark Goggles



1 x RC timer APM 2.5 with UBlocks GPS, current sensor.
1 x Minim OSD
1 x MavLink Telemetry Radio.