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Posted by supercollider | Aug 14, 2014 @ 07:31 PM | 4,248 Views
Just a quick build on a Habu V1. I scored this airframe for around $80 bucks in "the back room" of a local hobby shop. Personally, I like the V1 better than the Habu 2, it's lighter and stronger. Also, the grey color makes it easier to add a paint job, more so for a military livery. The down side is no provisions for flaps or retracts, but hey, keep it for a light and quick belly lander.
I used the original BL15 3200kv motor from an old Habu 1 I had sitting on the shelf. I picked up 2 Wemo EVO minifans from Dons RC and a Castle Creations 75 Lite. This combo will be run on 5s. I did some testing on my test stand and it worked great. The rotor comes dynamically balanced from Wemo so I just clocked it onto the motor to fine tune it and got it running smooth. I had a lot of trouble trying to clock the spinner and eventually gave up. From what I have read the spinner will yield negligible gains, so no biggie there. It runs very smooth. The Wemo shroud has a different hole spacing so I had to remove the plastic motor mounts on the fuse and glue in some balsa hardened with CA. Drill and CA some new holes, have a beer, and screw down the Wemo shroud. Install the ESC in the intake frame of the fuse and wire it up.

This setup draws 1205 watts, 66 amps at 30 seconds wide open throttle installed. I'm using 5s 3300 to 3850 lipos. Should be fun!

So at the field, this thing just flies right out of my hand, lol. Loops and split s's are massive. The vertical is almost...Continue Reading
Posted by supercollider | Nov 25, 2013 @ 07:14 PM | 3,787 Views
This one still gets rotated. It's fun to fly, small and quick. There's a 4s version too, in case you need to pucker some more. I moved the esc into the intake to help keep it cool and to free up some room in the fuse.
Posted by supercollider | Nov 25, 2013 @ 07:00 PM | 4,090 Views
Fun plane to fly, just sips gas. The EVO has plenty of power and sounds great with the Pitts.