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Posted by Clickety | Aug 15, 2018 @ 02:42 PM | 2,811 Views

For regular news, new plane development and progress, visit my Facebook group called 'Clickety's Jetworks'

Please note : Apart from Bugatti PSS glider, the aircraft are all depron parkjets.

01. YF-23 Black widow / Grey Ghost _ Pusher/2x55mm EDF.
02. F-35 Lightning II _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF.
03. Bugatti 100p _ Depron parkflyer.
04. JA-37 Viggen _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
05. Bae Hawk _ Pusher / 60mm EDF
06. A-10 Thunderbolt II _Twin Pusher
07. Drake _ Pusher.
08. EurofighterTyphoon _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
09. Harrier _ Pusher.
10. Tornado _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
11. Vulcan _ 2x70mm EDF
12. Su-57 _ 2x 5" Pusher / 2x 64mmEDF
13. F-16 Falcon _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
14. B2 Spirit _ 2 x 64mm EDF
15. F4 Skyhawk _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
16. X-wing Starfighter - Pusher
17. Sepecat Jaguar _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
18. SU-47 Berkut _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
19. English Electric Lightning _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
20. Mig 29 _ Pusher / 2 x 50/55mm EDF
21. Mirage III _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
22. Mirage 2000 _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
23. F-104 Starfighter _ Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
24. Bugatti 100p - PSS Balsa Glider
25. Blackburn Buccaneer - Pusher / 50-64mm EDF (X2)
26. F22a Raptor - Pusher / 60-70mm EDF
27. EM-10 Bielik - Pusher / 60-70mm EDF

Use of these designs are for non-commercial use only.


I don't tile my plans, as there is a way to automatically tile plans to match your printer paper size within Adobe Acrobat. See my video below :-
Jetworks Tiled Plans (3 min 5 sec)

Please be kind and donate IF you enjoy these designs. and post pictures / videos! Each design takes many hours. Paypal $10 to

If you have access to a 3d printer, Many parts are available as 3d print files. (.stl) - including my motor mount. see below.

Happy flying
Posted by Clickety | Nov 10, 2017 @ 09:36 PM | 13,593 Views
F-22 Raptor Parkjet (5 min 22 sec)

Designed to take A 64-70mm EDF unit, or the typical parkjet pusher motor.

Thrust vectoring available on both power choices (or not)

Can be made with or without 3d Printed...Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Nov 03, 2017 @ 05:23 PM | 14,307 Views
Created especially for my friend John Woodfield. Please find attached my Bugatti 100P Slope soarer Glider design attached. Design notes and build Photo's by John Woodfield.

PSS Bugatti 100P Glider. Maiden Flight (1 min 52 sec)

Bugatti model 100 glider (2 min 19 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Oct 19, 2017 @ 03:35 PM | 14,638 Views
This is the latest addition to the fleet!

The Lockheed F104 Starfighter designed with the following options :-

> Up to a 70mm EDF / standard pusher prop combo.
> With twin / single canopy,
> Long / short vertical stabiliser
> Pull off wing tanks for rough landings

Due to the wide power plants/battery options, I have created a long battery compartment with battery access through the canopy. Your Battery can be positioned / accessed by putting foam blocks before and after the battery. EG to remove the battery, simply lift the canopy, remove the forward block, and the battery will be accessible.

The canopy tool (v3) is the twin canopy version that has been designed to make two vacuum formed parts, then glued together - as the twin canopy length is too long for my vac forming tool....Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Aug 30, 2017 @ 01:21 PM | 17,029 Views
Please find the Work in progress development of my latest design ..... the Dassault Mirage!

650mm wingspan and up to 1100mm long the Mirage was designed as a family of designs so I've tried to recreate the family giving you lots of options :-

The 6mm template page is printable 1:1 at ANSI E paper size, The smaller sheets are 1:1 at A3

As there are lots of confusing variants, I've created a simple guide to help understand the elements that define them.
  • up to 70mm EDF or Pusher version.
  • Single or Twin Seater.
  • Mirage versions IIIC, IIIE, IIIR, V, Nesher, Dagger, Kfir.

    STL files are also being added for those with 3d printers.
...Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Apr 12, 2017 @ 02:27 PM | 22,874 Views
Hi Guys,

For those people who have a 3d printer, Please find attached my pusher motor stick mount.

Both Fixed and Thrust vectoring system.

The Thrust vectoring system is designed for a 2212-6 2200 kv motor.

It requires :-
two M3 x10 CSK machine screws
four M3 washers
two M3 Nylock nuts

Happy flying!

Posted by Clickety | Mar 12, 2017 @ 04:09 PM | 25,890 Views
Beta design - Mig 29.

. 2 x 50 / 55mm EDF or single 2212-6 2200kv pusher (thrust vectoring)

Also below is the .STL file for the :-

> Nosecone
> Exhaust
> Pusher motor mount.
> Air intake louvres
> Nacelle protectors
> Canopy (2 solid parts requiring gluing - use a very light infill such as 5%)

Big thanks to Twisted Wings for the OVT stencils!

for 3d printing....Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Mar 12, 2017 @ 07:46 AM | 25,770 Views
F6 Lightning - Classic Supersonic British jet that could out climb an F15 eagle, and fly over 60,000ft altitude into T2 territory.. a formidable machine in its heyday.

Can house up to a 70mm EDF, or a conventional pusher setup.

Designed to give high speed with both 70mm EDF and Pusher.

Battery is housed in a dedicated compartment in a belly hatch to keep weight low and EDF airflow efficient.

The Centre of Gravity's marked on the General Arrangement are given to me by other modellers, so should work. Once I have tested the plane, I will replace it with the tested CG....Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Jan 20, 2017 @ 05:08 AM | 26,526 Views
This is my B2 spirit design - Currently untested - it has a 1.6m wingspan and is designed for twin 64mm EDF installation, with retracts.

It has a bomb bay, and easy loading lid!

Designed to take 2 x zippy 2700mah 4s 35c batteries.

Construction guide and 6mm depron templates attached....Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Dec 19, 2016 @ 04:56 AM | 27,967 Views
This is my latest design - The experimental Russian Fighter, the Su-47 Berkut (Golden Eagle).

Designed for either a 2212-6 2200kv pusher on 3s, 30A esc and 6x4" prop, or up to 70mm EDF on 4s.

All plans and decals are uploaded now, including a zip file with .IGS files of the canopy, nosecone and 4 types of exhaust nozzles for 3d printing....Continue Reading
Posted by Clickety | Nov 12, 2016 @ 04:31 AM | 29,554 Views
Another new design, the X-wing fighter inspired by the Star Wars films. complete with opening / closing wings.

800mm wingspan (closed) 910mm long

Its NOT TESTED YET!, but I wanted to make a start.

I've got lots of projects on the go at the moment, and I do what I can when I can on all of them. so my apologies if you are waiting for me to finish something that I've not finished yet. If you are that person, please let me know what you are wanting to build and I'll try and put effort into that project to help you.
Posted by Clickety | Oct 08, 2016 @ 01:55 PM | 31,278 Views
This is my Mcdonnell Douglas A4 Skyhawk design

It will take up to 70mm EDF or Pusher prop. Wingspan 700mm Length 1010mm.

The plans are to be printed at ANSI E size.

Edf parts are coloured red, pusher green, and reverse side chamfered edges are shown in blue.

I have made decals with a variety of grey backgrounds to help in paint matching.
Posted by Clickety | May 10, 2016 @ 05:08 AM | 9,880 Views
Welcome to my Blog page. Please find below all the rc aircraft / plans I have designed to date.

This is my design process stages :-

1. Create aircraft in 3D cad
2. Produce 2d plans from the 3d model
3. Build the plane.
4. Test flight - make adjustments until it flies well.
5. Video maiden flight
6. Paint the plane
7. Make a nice video and take decent photos
8. Publish the finished plans here and on

The Status of my fleet are below :-

01. Stage 8__YF-23 Black widow
02. Stage 8__F-35 Lightning II
03. Stage 8__ Bugatti 100p
04. Stage 8__ JA37 Viggen
05. Stage 8__ Hawk
06. Stage 5__ A-10 Thunderbolt II
07. Stage 5__Drake
08. Stage 5__Typhoon (both EDF/Pusher)
09. Stage 5__Harrier
10. Stage 8__Tornado
11. Stage 2__Vulcan
12. Stage 2__ Pak-fa
13. Stage 5__F-16 Falcon
14. Stage 1__ B2 Spirit
15. Stage 1__F4 Skyhawk

Not started yet...

16. X-wing Starfighter
17. VTOL F-35
18. Sepecat Jaguar
19. 'Gull' glider
20. Eagle FPV platform

Feel free to download and use the designs for non-commercial use. Please note that they are not tiled, but there is a way to print large prints to suit your printer paper size within Adobe Acrobat :-

It's very easy and automatic!

If you enjoy my design work, please consider a small donation to help me fund future projects. Each design takes many hours. Paypal $5 or $10 to

If you don't want to or can't donate please be a sport and post pictures / videos of your planes to share the love!

Happy flying
Posted by Clickety | Apr 26, 2016 @ 01:59 PM | 37,492 Views
My Su-57 / PAK-Fa design, is suitable for a lightweight EDF installation or twin pushers. Such as twin 5" 2700 kv race quad motors from RotorGeeks.

I've uploaded the PDF plans below.

Please note that various parts of the design require sanding to shape and the images look a little clunky in places - thats because that bit probably needs sanding - e.g. in front of the canopy......Continue Reading