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Posted by Joker 53150 | Oct 13, 2012 @ 04:21 PM | 3,622 Views
I could probably better title this "More Money and Time than Brains", or "I Can't Believe my Wife Didn't Stop me From Buying Another Plane."

Either way, with limited flying experience, a semi-limited budget, and limitless understanding from the Minister of Finance (my wife) I ordered the Mini P-51 from HobbyKing.

To be honest with myself, I'm not ready for it, and I'd wager that if I were to fly it right now it'd be scrap within minutes. But this isn't a plane I purchased to fly RIGHT NOW. It's more of a "wait until Spring" project, where I've allowed myself time to build the plane and develop the skills. Plus it gives me something to tinker with in the meantime.

The hangar currently houses:
1. Hobby Zone Super Cub, modified with a flattened wing with ailerons and an upgraded ESC and RX. Otherwise it's pretty much stock. It's been crashed and repaired a number of times, but still flies great (now that the electronics are upgraded). It's currently 20% epoxy by volume. When it hits 40% I'll buy a new fuselage and wing and re-build it completely.
2. Park Zone Ultra Micro T-28, which is a blast to fly. Considering how fragile it is, it's still in great shape and is my go-to plane when I have only a limited amount of time/space to fly. There is a small-ish park near our house, too small for other planes, but the UM is perfectly at home there.
3. HK Atom Mini Glider. This one is actually my son's plane, but I bought it for him so...Continue Reading