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Posted by rvlevy7 | Sep 10, 2012 @ 04:24 PM | 2,135 Views
Did anyone got fire in hobby shop? I got one experience.
I think you should know this. Few days ago, I use butane igniter reach point hole starter micro torch of bernz o matic. Then it won't start flame torch so repeat igniter then sudden igniter started fire enlarge size over my left hand. I saw basement cement floor spot and immediate it throw down the floor and continue grow fire. I put water pour around but not working so decided my foot slam them and stopped as working. whew
Now, I realize something what I should put fire safety equitment prepare. so I figure out idea.
One strong metal box or can on cement floor and one portable fire extinguisher leave behind. When you see something start fire and immediate it throw into strong metal box or can and take portable fire extinguisher to stop fire complete.
I think everybody should know about this safety fire.
Thanks for read and interest aware.