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Posted by shoersa | Aug 11, 2014 @ 11:42 PM | 2,241 Views
1st Springer uses the Dumas 1.5 inch brass prop.
Dumas prop shaft & nut(5-40).
1st Springer has a built up tubing stuffing box (brass tubing & JB Weld).
1st Springer uses the Dumas dogbone coupling.
1st Springer uses a salmon tail rudder even with stern.
Schwinn SuperLube used to grease prop & rudder shafts.
1st Springer uses a Speed 600 Best-Nr 1786 9.6v motor.
1st Springer uses a Mtroniks tio Marine 15A ESC.
1st Springer uses two 6volt (UB645) SLAs in parallel for 6vdc power.
UB645 6vdc 4.5Ah SLA battery
Standby 6.8 - 6.9v 0.675A max
Cyclic 7.25 - 7.45v 1.35A max
1st Springer takes 9Amps (54 watts) full throttle in the water static (not moving).
1st Springer covered on outside with 0.75 oz cloth & finishing resin.
1st Springer inside of hull & equipment tray covered with finishing resin.
Zpoxy finishing resin deluted with HD denatured alcohol.
Same basic hull as 1st Springer (the two hulls were built at the same time).
1/4 inch plywood sides.
1X (3/4 inch thick) bow & stern.
1/16 inch plywood bottom.
Gorilla Glue.
Equipment tray slightly smaller to make it easier to remove 2 screws and remove tray from hull.
Equipment tray moved back some to clear stuffing tube lub port.
Prop moved back some to get more clearance for a bigger prop.
Prop is from Vac-u-boat and is 1.75 inches in diameter (plastic 3 blade).
Vac-u-boat prop shaft, drive dog & prop nut(6-32).
Built up tubing stuffing box (brass tubing & JB Weld).
Vac-u-boat dogbone coupling.
Salmon tail rudder with top & bottom caps even with stern.
Finishing Resin applied to inside of 2nd hull & equipment tray 11 Aug 2014.
Finishing Resin & 1.5 oz cloth applied to hull & one side 12 Aug 2014.
Finishing Resin & 1.5 oz cloth applied to other side 13 Aug 2014.
Drive train & motor (JUNDI RS555-2580) & rudder installed 16 Aug 2014.
Current drain is 1.2A static (14.4 watts) at 12vdc full throttle.