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Posted by fly_boy99 | May 05, 2007 @ 08:32 PM | 5,346 Views
It looks like a 2200Kv motor with both 3S tests and 4S tests.


25252/11.48 = 2140Kv


31847/14.88 = 2140Kv

Posted by fly_boy99 | May 04, 2007 @ 01:58 PM | 5,594 Views
I've been getting into EDF's lately and decided to try out some fans from UH because 1) they were fairly inexpensive 2) I have some homebuilt motors & others I would like to try out in them.

I'm thinking of getting a Sport Jet and using one of the fans with a 2w-20 motor for some real fun!!!


p.s. Got another on the way!!!!


EDF Ducted Fan Unit 5Blade 2.68inch 68mm OR003-00105-5B

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7 Blade 3inch 83mm OR003-00109-7B

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 5 Blade 3.5inch 92mm OR003-00106-5B

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7 Blade 3.5inch 96mm OR003-00110-7B

EDF Ducted Fan Unit 7Blade 2inch 51mm OR003-00107-7B