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Posted by fly_boy99 | May 31, 2006 @ 02:02 AM | 5,070 Views
I don't know about buying things online at RCG anymore.

I have these pics which show a deal I just recently finished. Upon opening the box I found one thing to be odd. The capacitors were not flush with one another as most CC controllers are, especially the 35A and up ones. Funny thing is that there is a blue pen mark on the side where the cap is off the board.

I have pics to show one of the legs of the capacitor is completely off the PCB board alltogether. It was stated as:

"Used, updated, fully operable Castle Phoenix 35"

Now the last thing you need in a setup that can draw up to 35A which would be of some good size is voltage spikes and interference flying around inside your fuse.

Update: Ron came through and provided funds to send it back to CC for repair!!! My belief in buying things on RCG is restored!!! Thanks Ron!