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Posted by Timtreo | Sep 21, 2012 @ 02:12 AM | 5,007 Views
Making all heli night blade sizes from 250 up

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I have on hand most times a selection of carbon fiber and fiberglass blades.
I use -
- brand new 1 cell lipos (70mAh up to 300mAh) on each blade
- Switches on each blade to conserve battery power between flights.
- Charge connectors on each blade and I include a parallel charge lead to charge both batteries at the same time with your charger, included are either 4mm bullets for direct connection to your charger or a connector of your choice (Jst, Deans/T-type, Banana and some others upon request).
- I use silver coated copper electrical trace tape that won't tarnish like plain copper.
- LEDs and appropriate resistors for each one. You can choose how many LEDs, which colors (I have every color LED they make), and the spacing. I also put one on the very tip, visible from the top bottom, and eye level which helps with flying orientation because you can always see that tip LED no matter which way the heli is angled.
- For carbon fiber blades I isolate the carbon fiber blade edges to prevent fast battery drain.
- I take my time with each blade and solder each trace joint and also put a thin coat of CA over them and all along the trace tape edges and LEDs and resistors. I also use double sided tape between the battery and blade then wrap the whole battery and blade (and edges of the charge connectors and switches) with strips of strapping tape and...Continue Reading