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Posted by aquilaproject | Mar 16, 2016 @ 06:27 AM | 2,972 Views
Fox glider version 2 being torn down for build 3.

Using regular off the shelf mini gear that I had without going tiny gear! Lots of weight savings available! But keep the motor as performance is sparkling!

Wing has 3mm spar cut in at 1/4 chord.

Dedicated aileron servo forveach wing.
Mk 1 had one central servo, but I found torque linkages had too much deflection. Now rolls are very crisp!

To gain a little more glide performance, additional 10mm depron aileron added onto trailing edge. Mk 1 had cut in ailerons and didn't have great glide performance.

The nose has a 10gram outrunner turning a mini Swift folding prop. Pulls probably 6 amps max on 3s. The nose is fiberglassed with fibre tissue then hollowed out foam with a dremel. Tight fit with only 0.5mm of foam or so left.

Fuse is hollowed out to the main spar for 10 amp speedie and receiver.
Battery slot is cut into the fuse under the CG. Can fit up to 500mah 3s no problems. I run 180mah 3s up to 500mah.

Elevator is cut into existing foam with elevator servo cut into fuse.

Fuse is strengthened by 4mm carbon strip on each side.

Plane is quite fast extreme vertical and excellent in wind. On full rates the rolls are very hard to stop precisely due to fast rotation. But at low throttle she just cruises around. Had many hours flying at low level inverted and around trees!

Mk2 was retired due to many many ground impacts!