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Posted by Kylejazz123 | Sep 27, 2012 @ 09:13 PM | 2,629 Views
So recently ive stepped away from the 300 $ fomies as they are just killing the pocket book. You'd never think you would pay so much for something so dispensible. Ive now moved onto the budget foams such as dynam for example.

the first one i picked up(sbach 342) is still flying great , had to replace one servo so far , but honestly i expected to replace the electronics alot faster then that.the second one however , i just bought , got one flight in on it and the motor mount ripped right out!! I still havent decided if im going to try and phone dynam or the hobby shop i got it from and get it resolved or try and fix it. Honestly i was leaning toward getting it replace but i might just try to fix it after hearing the headachs dealing with Customer service. and like common its a 129.00$ plane. (su-26)

Before i was all for these cheap things , but now i dont know so much. It just seems stupied , becasue even my balsa planes dont last that long like pitts model 12 for example , 2 months old and on the frits. I dont know , maby its just how i fly that has these planes dieing after 2 months. My question is , Do you go the cheap road when it comes to replaceable foamies or the expensive one?