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Posted by hadriez | Jul 19, 2016 @ 04:52 AM | 3,315 Views
Building XDR, a pure "X" frame from fpv-reconn.com - coming soon!
Up coming races are just around the corner. I need a rig purely for racing. While this frame isn't the lightest I've seen, it gives a good balance between weight, performance and durability (4mm arms).

Prepping RROSD Pro Mini PDB. I like the fact that there's virtually no additional work needed to get OSD working. though OSD is not necessary in racers, but I like the built-in voltage regs (5v, 12v, VCC), the ease of hooking up CCD and VTX directly while giving it a clean footage due to a good built-in filtering. for an additional 40 bucks, you can get the lap timer kit - surely cool for practice. The wiring:

- ESCs
- 12v for VTX and HS1177
- direct voltage to power up KISS FC
- 5v JST male to power up ilap transponder

got a set of KISS FC and KISS 24A from dronez. the owner is good bloke and he's a friend. Highly recommended!

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Posted by hadriez | May 08, 2016 @ 02:15 PM | 5,532 Views
Building RD210-X from fpv-reconn.com
Official thread is HERE

power rail is hooked up to RROSD Pro Mini PDB. it gives basic info - voltage, amp draw, total amp consumption, flight time. first time using this PDB. so far I like it from a build perspective and it's simple functionality.

Flight controller is KISS FC from flyduino

Speed controllers - KISS 30A

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Posted by hadriez | Apr 15, 2016 @ 08:03 AM | 4,487 Views
Building RD180 from fpv-reconn.com
Official thread is HERE

building this rig with TBS powercube and emax 2205 2600kv. opted for CCW direction only - at least i can share the lock nuts with other motors.

removed the plastic bed and used 5mm nylon standoff on all 4 corners

half of the rx sits beneath the powercube

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Posted by hadriez | Mar 23, 2016 @ 02:38 PM | 8,354 Views
Purchased my second KISS FC from dronematters .
Unfortunately, I ripped off the USB port for no reason I think I plugged and unplugged it less than 5 times! My first KISS FC has been fine.

Didn't bother to request for replacement so I went ahead and hooked it up to my FTDI 5v - though I must say, flyduino will replace it without any question asked.

Flashing KISS FC using FTDI
The default FW on KISS FC when I purchased it was loaded with v1.01. Will flash it to v1.02RC16 . If the link doesn't work, go to flyduino's website to download.
Shorted the bootloader using a pencil (note: the correct method is to bridge the two pads using solder). But pencil seems to work just fine. Just draw a line between those two pads like this

connect KISS FC to FTDI

(KISS FC)......(FTDI)

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Posted by hadriez | Aug 04, 2015 @ 02:23 AM | 5,742 Views
Building MXP230

For this size, I'd think 4s 1300mah dinogy lipo is perfect

600mw 5.8 vtx from lumenier. I'm surprised of the light weight!

Variable voltage regulator. Dapped some hot glue on the knob once set to 5v to power FC/Rx

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Posted by hadriez | Dec 26, 2014 @ 04:36 AM | 10,437 Views
Official RD230 Mini H Quad thread is HERE
RD270 Min H Quad kit from fpv-reconn

I'll be using CM2208 2000kv and Tiger 12A ESCs for this build. Let's abuse these ESCs to the max **UPDATE: using 30A ESCs now for more insurance **UPDATE: using KISS 18A now

Power setup wiring,
ESC power leads - 18AWG
Lipo power lead - 14AWG
I'm using Mini PDB with 2 adjustable BEC output. One output is set to 12V to supply the correct voltage for CCD/VTX

Tight fit! Had to use CC3D casing since DL RX is a bit long **UPDATE: using Naze32 with Cleanflight now
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Posted by hadriez | Oct 25, 2014 @ 02:06 PM | 9,507 Views
Official RD Hex thread is HERE
RD350 Hex kit from fpv-reconn. Gonna build this rig with config#5.

I'll be using ZTW spider 20A for this build. Unfortunately, despite being advertised as SimonK pre-loaded, it isn't. Easy fix - just flash it. I flashed it to 2014-06-18 and during bench test, works great with CM2208 2000KV motors.

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Posted by hadriez | Mar 24, 2014 @ 04:38 AM | 8,973 Views
Just wanna share my DIY port for naze32.. will be using it for BT for now until I can get hands on kvosd

some cables which comes together with 1.2 vtx.. never used it and never will. so ripping it apart

Female connector will go on Naze32 and Male will be for BT

soldered all the wires nicely. at this point I've marked GND, PWR, TX, RX on the wires so that I know exactly where to solder it on Naze32.
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