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Posted by Micubano | Apr 03, 2018 @ 09:16 AM | 5,408 Views
My collection has grown ridiculously since the fall. A few planes I've been sitting on to maiden because the club field is closed for the winter and they are too big or fast for a park. A few I'm waiting for a perfect day to maiden them because I picked up some Lemon RXs for PNP planes and I have no idea how they are going to feel while flying. After getting the Maule together and driving to the field, I decided that even with the heavy winds that were trying to blow it away when I took my hand off of it, it was going up. I did 3 minutes around the field and landed it. I didn't plan to land it at 3 minutes because I thought I was going to need a second pass. The wind just gently it to the ground on a steep but slow path. It was 3 minutes that felt good though, but the wind was enough to make me scrap the F-27 Evolution maiden. I didn't have SAFE enabled on it, but after watching a video where it barely missed with the ground, I might turn it on for a little while.

I've been flying here or there this winter, but there were times where I was grounded for a few weeks because of weather. It didn't help that there was no time to fly after work (darkness) and quite a few of the parks were locked for the winter to save on maintenance costs . I did use the flight sims a lot. I flew the Vapors around the house for a month. In March, I was itching to get out and did a little. With the extra hour of daylight and a little Spring Fever I went nuts. In March alone, I bought 4 planes from HH and only one of them was a UMX plane. Last March I only bought 2 planes, and one of them is a micro. That was a pretty mild winter. So if you are ever wondering how bad the winter has been here, ask me how many planes I bought in the Spring.