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Posted by 450man | Oct 31, 2012 @ 11:17 AM | 2,219 Views
Had a bit of a practice flying the MCPX this morning indoors and just caught a blade on a chair leg. Normally it just bounces off but this time it broke the swashplate attachment. Needs a new swashplate.

Not bad as I have been flying it for a few months and only needed new linkages. This is the first breakage where I have had to buy anything. It will only cost a few UKP too so I love this little heli... just wish I could fly it more than just hovering!
Posted by 450man | Oct 30, 2012 @ 07:53 PM | 2,434 Views
Well, I have flown an electric WOT 4 a few times and got on fine but today was the start of my flying proper with me flying my Seagull Boomerang for the first time.

It has a new engine, SC46 2 stroke, and so the first thing was to run it in. MESSY! I ran a tank of fuel through very rich... so rich it was spitting out of the exhaust. Great for the engine... messy for me. It wasn't without incident - first the prop fell off (hadn't done it up tightly enough) then the exhaust fell off (ditto). That sorted and the run in process complete we flew.

An experienced member of my club took her up and trimmed her out and landed. Then I did a great take-off (OK, it could have been much better but it was great for my first one with this model!), some circuits and a super landing.

A great start to IC flying.

I do have some things to sort... fuel tubes, exhaust gasket, prop locking nut but that is pretty much all.

Great day!