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Posted by Archi Bald | Jan 27, 2017 @ 11:50 PM | 2,745 Views
Most cheap motors come with cheap bearings. Most cheap motors the bearings are pressed in way to tight pinching the bearings and the shaft spins inside the bearing and most people do not even notice it because you can not tell just by spinning the motor by hand. The shaft is also usually to loose in the bearings. You won't notice it till the motor has done got too hot and locks up or you see the magic smoke. The only way to tell is to take the motor apart when you first get it and check the bearings. The bearings should not be in so tight that you have to use a hammer and a punch or other tool to remove the bearings. The bearings should come out without having to use much force. They should be snug but not tight. Check that the shaft also fits in the bearings snug not loos and not tight. Cheap motors are also not well balanced.
They also have cheap low grade wiring and magnets. You also need to check that the magnets are not loose. High quality motor companies spend extra time and money making sure these
things are checked and therefor their motors are more expensive and last longer because their motors are made with higher quality bearings , magnets , wire exc. and are usually more powerful and more efficient. Most people will say yea but i can buy 3 motors for the price of one expensive one. Yea but now you spent more money because you have to spend more time changing your cheap motors out and have to spend time buying even more motors because you got 1 good cheap motor out of 3 or 4 that you purchased and time is money so now you got more than 4 times the amount you could have bought for 1 expensive motor that will last about 4 times longer or more and you only had to install it once. Do your research and also when you buy a new motor take it apart and check everything i explained it will save you money and your nice plane.
Posted by Archi Bald | Jan 27, 2017 @ 11:37 PM | 2,585 Views
OK i finished making an actual thrust stand that sits on top of the scales and measured the thrust with 3 different weight scales 2 of the scales are mechanical and 1 is digital and i tested several times last night and today and got the same results so i know my calculations are correct. Also just so you know i did set the tare weight. Meaning i zeroed the scales with the thrust stand , battery , ESC , and the receiver on the scales. Also i had just received the Xoar 11X5 prop yesterday that i ordered and did tests with it also. Have not did a thrust test with the 10X4.7 or the 11X4.7 yet but will soon.

I will be using this motor in my HK mini edge 540T EPP Plane. I will do video of it and upload to my you tube and will post the esc logged flight data on here and YouTube when i fly it. It will probably be in the spring before i get to fly it unless we have a warm day and im feeling well enough to do it.

Each test was done with Thunder Power 3 Cell 2700mah 25C Lipo fully charged. The amps watts exc. were measured between the motor and esc. You can not get an accurate reading when using a regular watt meter that is connected between the battery and esc because it will be reading the current that the esc is pulling also. Almost everyone seems to miss that factor.
Test results without propeller.

Just got done testing the 10X4.7 and the 11X4.7 and posted the results for them below.
If you would like me to test other propellers on this motor just send me a message...Continue Reading
Posted by Archi Bald | Sep 06, 2016 @ 03:29 PM | 3,790 Views
HK Mini Edge 540T EPP
See below for the parts i used. Yes it was a little expensive but money well spent sense the parts i used will last a long time and they have a good warranty.
Transmitter Spektrum DX8 Version 1 not the new DX8 that just came out.
Receiver Spektrum AR8000 with Satellite Receiver
Motor Scorpion 2215-1400 1400KV Motor
Propeller 10X4.7 SF or Xoar PJN 11X4 I like the Xoar better.
ESC Castle Creations Phoenix Ice 50 not the lite version
Servos 4 Hitec 5070MH these are new just came out not long ago.
They are Fast Strong and Very Smooth 42 ounce inch torque at 6V
52 ounce inch torque at 7.4V and weigh 14.2 grams.
Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabelizer. Works awesome.
Batteries I use. Thunder power 70C 1300mah 3s 5 to 6 minutes.
Thunder power 45C 1800mah 3s 8 to 9 minutes.
Thunder power 25C 2700mah 3s 12 to 14 minutes.
Posted by Archi Bald | Nov 12, 2014 @ 10:28 PM | 6,047 Views
17 inch Delta Wing Plans ((Patent Pending)) AS6410NBL DSMX 6Ch Receiver with BL ESC

Motor: Rimfire 200

Propeller: GWS 6x3

Servos: 3 Spektrum A2010

Battery: Thunderpower 325mah or 480 2s Lipo
6mm Depron AERO foam i got from I did not have to use a spar for wing support. It is stiff enough it did not need it.
I use the Depron AERO foam because it last longer and does not warp over time and is more durable than regular Depron.
It is a bit more expensive but well worth the money. I built this plane and the 24 inch wing over a year ago and they are still in good shap
and have not warped or anything. You can use what ever foam you want but you may have to use a wing spar if the foam you use is flimsy.
Posted by Archi Bald | Jul 19, 2014 @ 04:17 PM | 5,304 Views
Scratch Built By Me. I did not use any plans. I get 15 to 18 minute flite time with the 850mah 3S. It will do all sorts of 3d maneuvers and even flip on its center axis. Check out the video i uploaded. Now i fly with the THP 1350 25C 3S Pro Lite Battery and get up to 30 minute flight time and the extra weight does not effect it much. ((Patent Pending))
Here are the specs.
made from Depron Aero Foam Sheet 24 X 30
I colored it with Sharpie chisel point Markers
I used 30-Minute Z-Poxy
Width 24 inches Length 25 inches
Weight without Battery (8.4 ounces) (238 Grams)
Weight With THP 70C 850 3S 11.1V G8 PRO Battery (11.3 ounces) (320.35 Grams)
Weight With THP 25C 1350 3S 11.1V G8 PRO Lite (12.5 ounces) (354.369 Grams)
Motor Scorpion SII-2208-1100KV (V2) Replaced Bearings With Boca Bearings Ceramic Orange Seal Bearings Motor stays cold with these bearings
Propeller APC 9 X 4.7 SF
ESC Castle Creations Talon 15 Using Micro Deans Plug
Battery Thunder Power 70C 850 3S 11.1V G8 PRO Force Using Micro Deans Plug
Receiver Spektrum AR6115e
Servos 3 Spektrum A3030 Digital
Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer Will Hold rock solid in a hover hands...Continue Reading
Posted by Archi Bald | Sep 09, 2012 @ 01:29 PM | 4,868 Views
Here is how i put the Hitec 35 HD Servoes on it. I put the new AS6410NBL board in it and it works awsome. If u get one of these boards make sure u get the usb programmer too ur gona need it. PN....Continue Reading