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Posted by dusmmdb34 | Apr 26, 2009 @ 09:23 PM | 8,713 Views
I have had this large F-16 for a long time. I have been going back and forth on converting it to EDF or simply doing the pusher. I finally decided that as a EDF if would be a dog in the air. So, I built it as the pusher. I decided to again go with a IDF scheme. This time I did the "Flying Dragon Squadron". This squadron operates as an Aggressor squadron and trains all IAF fighter pilots. I stenciled the tail art, airbrushed the paint. Drew the panel lines, and hand painted the antennas. The decals are dry transfers.
This is a large foam aircraft, roughly 1/8.5 scale, that has been fiberglassed and it has balsa trailing edges. The retracts are robart retracts and the servos are all HS. I made a motor mount from birch ply and I am using an inexpensive turnigy C5055-600 and a CC P60 with 6s 4000 zippy batteries. This is a very inexpensive power setup and if I am unhappy with it I will simply slap on a power60 and run 8s.

These pictures were taken with my camera phone and the exhaust cone isnt attached yet.

Posted by dusmmdb34 | Apr 03, 2009 @ 10:29 PM | 9,096 Views
A few months back I decided to get some experience with a 90mm size jet before maidening my Tam F16. So I ordered a 90mm HET F-18. Alot of people dont like the HET planes but they have always been good for me. I already own a HET F-18 70mm, a HET F-16, a HET F-15, a HET 104 amoung other EDFs.

I bought the 90mm version f the F-18 to get used to heavier EDFs..... been then I talked to Robert at EJF.com and found out that they had developed, with Kevin Cox, a retract mod. So....needing retract experience and larger EDF experience....I ordered the F-18, the retract kit, retracts, and the motor/fan.

The build was a great experience for me and it has taught me alot about retracts. In the course of the build I realized the HET motor I bought was more suited for 10s/11s and I planned to use no more than 9s. So, I sold that motor and decided to use a midifan pro/medusa 1500kv combo that I had purchased for another project I was planning.

I also decided to try a turnigy HV controller from hobbycity. It is the 100amp model and evidently a bunch of people have had good luck with it.

I had some issues with the build, but in the end it came out like I hoped. The final product weighs 6.3lbs and with batteries is close to 8.5lbs.

I understand why we use mute grey paint schemes on our fighters....but they are not the best for RC!! I lean toward the desert camo schemes and they usually have a grey belly. This creates a great contrast that is easily seen in the air....Continue Reading
Posted by dusmmdb34 | Feb 22, 2009 @ 12:22 AM | 7,993 Views
Finally moving into bigger EDFs!! This is my TAM Jets 1/12th size F-16. As usual, I decided to do another Israeli scheme. The scheme is a IAF F16 from the Phoenix squadron in the late 1990s. I really like their paint schemes, for appearance and how easy they are for me to see while in the air.

It has a DS51 with a neu1515 1.5y and a CC85hv. I plan to fly it on 9s or 10s.

Posted by dusmmdb34 | May 02, 2007 @ 06:07 PM | 9,392 Views
I bought a Jepe F16 from a fellow rcgroup member last year and it has been sitting in the garage. I decided to assemble it and go with the IDF scheme after seeing how the HET F15 came out with it. It has the older 3w motor and I plan to fly it on tanic 6s 3650s.
Posted by dusmmdb34 | Jan 28, 2007 @ 05:02 AM | 12,080 Views
I am really happy with this jet. This is my 3rd HET jet to fly, and I have two others waiting to be built. Of the three I have built, the F18, F20 and this one, the F15 is the most impressive.

In it I have twin HET 6904 fans
mega 16/20/2s
Castle Creations P45s
two tanic 4s 3250s with a koolflite UBEC