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Posted by Kurtus | Oct 27, 2015 @ 04:35 AM | 2,603 Views
The Hobby King Reaktor is a great little performer for experienced and beginners due to its wide range of uses.
For the beginner it is very forgiving due to its light weight and with very low rates and a bit of expo it flys pretty stable for its size even in a little wind. Any loss of flight control and impact with the deck is imminent, just cut the throttle instantly and try to level the plane. More experienced flyers can thrash it low and relax a bit

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Reaktor kit

Orange DSMX receiver for Spektrum transmitters ..note this is from the global warehouse:

Plush 12A ESC

SK3 2822 1740kv motor and we use the bolt on adapter with blue loctite.

APC 8x4 electric prop

HXT500 or HXT900 servos. These help to keep the plane light which in turn helps to save servos gears. I used HXT500 which lasted fine and theyre cheap. The manual asks for 5g servos and the HXT500's are 6.2g

Dubro E-Z connectors DBR-605

2mm CF tube which you can get from RC shops like Perh RC
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Posted by Kurtus | Jan 08, 2013 @ 02:59 AM | 3,733 Views
Felt the need for a good prop balancer and instead of buying one i thought itd be interesting to build one as the magnetic ones look cool. This is version 2.

Base 30mm x 50mm x 2mm aluminium 80mm length
2 Uprights 29mm X 1.5mm square aluminium 110mm length
4 Rivets 4mm diameter 3.2mm grip
4 Rare Earth Magnets 12mm x 1.5mm Super-Strong Round Neodynium N35
Simple Prop Balancer Rc off Ebay ... 45mm long 4mm prop shaft and bigger
Super Glue new flexible shock resistant type or 2 extra magnets
800-1000-2000 wet n dry sand paper - buffer
Bench Drill

Cut the base and measured and drilled only one 4mm , 5/32 hole on both sides dead center 10mm down from the top and one hole in each upright 20mm up from the bottom and the reason why i do this is so i can true it up using a right angle square before the glue sets.
Before any assembly i sanded down to 2000 wet and dry and then a quick polish on the bench buffer.

I cleaned the sections for glue put the glue on, installed one rivet and trued it up quickly but accurate using a right angle square as the glue sets real quick even though its not a instant type. Then i drilled and installed the second rivet 10mm up from the bottom before going to the other side.

The magnets stick like something to a blanket instantly so i roughed up the glue side and placed thier center 12mm down from the top of the upright and im not sure if polarity matters but mine are placed so if you hold one side of a extra magnet...Continue Reading