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Posted by F7X | Oct 18, 2009 @ 08:37 PM | 8,349 Views
Our monthly Fun Fly competion was held today at the Grand Juction Modeleers flying club field in Grand Junction, CO. The fun fly is a competition that involves three events per month. Each pilot score is recorded and added to their year to date total. At the end of the year, prizes are handed out to the winners.

Today my father, Phil was the Fun Fly cordinator. This is his first time cordinating a Fun Fly, and he has volunteered to cordinate next years events as well.

1st Event: Timed Fly. Draw a number, 30, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. This number represent the number of seconds you are going to fly for. No electronic timers allowed. Time starts when your wheels leave the ground, time ends where they touch. Closest one to his drawn time wins.

2nd Event: Spot Roll Out. Climb your aircraft to a comfortable altitude. Pass over the field in an upwind direction and cut the throttle. Dead stick to the runway, land, and try to roll up to the "X" with adding power. Closest wins.

3rd Event: Drag Race Queen: Set your aircraft in the box drawn on the runway. Time starts when the wheels leave the ground. Fly around, land, and put on one of three ladies items. A wig, a slip or a bra. After your item it on, you must run out the the plane, set it in the starting box, and go around again. Repeat until all three items are on. Shortest time wins.

Enjoy the Photos!


FunflyOct02 (1 min 44 sec)
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