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Posted by psychedvike | Jun 19, 2014 @ 05:46 AM | 3,670 Views
OK I love to scratch build. I do balsa, DT redi-board, Most any foam my hot wire can get it's heat on. But lately it's been Titan chuck glider conversions. I started a P38 made from three of them. As the project progressed I encountered a couple of unexpected issues as often is the case in scratch building. The last one has to do with the retracts. The stance is all wrong and to fix it I have to shorten the lenght of the front grear strut. Which makes the holes cut in the fusealage all wrong. The sloution is to remake the whole fusalage. This has taken the wind from my sails and I have another project I want to start. I've decided to park the P38 until winter when I might start up on it again. I want to start on a Biplane made from the leftover titan parts.

My problem is I feel guilty for not seeing the P38 through. Plus I really like those planes. With summer here there is so little time to share flying/bulding and other interests.

So am I a bad builder? Well If the Biplane comes out as nice as I hope it will then I will cut my self some slack. When the snow flies again I probably won't mind cutting up the center of my P38 and making it right.