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Posted by JuzPlaneNutz | Jun 05, 2013 @ 04:35 PM | 3,308 Views
My sweet stick which I built in the mid 80's has suffered a crash resulting in the loss of the fuse. I can rebuild it. It is such an easy fuse to build with its flat sides and straightforward design, just need some light ply and off we go....
Crash was caused I believe to pyle-it error. Pyle-it should have put the plane on low rates and not put in 2 washers of downthrust on the motor before flying. Haste Makes waste I say. Motor, Radio, servos, fin/rudder, elevator/stab and wing are just fine and easily repairable. Will rebuild this autumn. Still have'nt flown the EP 42 yet due to radio issues. Will fly on the first good day I feel I have time to do. Ace Wizzard is in great flying shape though and will take to the skies with Adam at the controls. He soloed in this ship! something I wished my sons would have done. Oh well! An RV 4 waits in the wings to be repaired and properly outfitted for flying. Will take a .61 OS four stroke to make instalations easier. Then maybe I will extract the Neptune flying boat and Get it airworthy. Also there is a Star Hawk to be put together this summer. Can't wait but need a job first before I do these "FUN" projects. I could get so lost in doing things that are nonproductive easily so I must be disciplined and get the necessary things done before "FUN."
Posted by JuzPlaneNutz | Aug 30, 2012 @ 08:30 PM | 2,447 Views
I am repairing the damage done to my EP 42 8 yrs ago or more. It used to have the stock motor, speed control, battery combination but now I am upgrading to LIPOS, outrunner motors and new escs. It is going to be quite an education for me. Thank god I am going to school and learning what all these terms mean.