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Posted by jseese | Dec 16, 2013 @ 08:29 PM | 3,438 Views
Just sold my Parkzone T-28 to Pyrobus the other night. Super nice guy said he would call and he did, said he would be at my house in an hour and he did. Showed up introduced himself, took his shoes off before coming in, played with my dog, said hi to my wife, couldn't have had a nicer transaction. I sell plenty locally on Craigslist and maybe because we connected with planes but I couldn't have been more happy.

The plane was a T-28 that I modified and I listed it very cheap, people posted they would have paid double. I am by no means rich but am doing okay but I look at things like this: I got my time out of it, had 20-30 flights on it, spent time what I love to do which is doing details so I did that stuff for me and I am glad to pass it on to a fellow modeller to enjoy. Who knows maybe the plane and I will cross paths at a later date either in person or on a picture of a successful flight.

Either way what I have learned about this hobby is it is all about the people, treat them right and hopefully someday when I need something someone will do the same for me