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Posted by PRUNNER. | Aug 05, 2012 @ 07:39 PM | 1,872 Views
Hello everyone. I've created a new blog w/ the same name I used before due to some glitch that wouldn't let me log on. So here's what I been up to.

The first photos are of my sone Hans and his ol' Hanger 9 Tribute that I've electrified w/ an Eflite 52 on 4s. This is his second plane that hovers and all the rest of the 3D moves. BTW it works great.

The second set of photos are of my precious SeaGull Edge 540 (60 size) using a Saito150 4s for power. I love this thing and am trying to get the courage to hover at low altitude. Three mistakes high is good enough for now .

Had an exciting second flight this morning when my left wheel decided to bail on me. Decided to fly until she was very low on fuel figuring this may be the last flight for this bird. I was able to land on one wheel and kept it on one wheel for maybe 20' before the naked gear leg caught on the runway and sheared off. Super easy to fix. Keep'm Fly'n