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Posted by BigPike78 | Jul 30, 2012 @ 10:06 PM | 1,696 Views
Ok, my son just had his 10th birthday and 2 weeks before then I had a flash back to my childhood of building the old balsa wood rubber band fliers, I was at a garage sale an elderly gentlemen was having when I came across a box in the sale for an aerobird challenger after removing the outside I was stunned to find a complete kit inside including spare main and tail wings, rear v-mount, a controller, charger, and 2 batteries checked on the box for a price and noticing a $10 tag on it was paid for and packed in my car.
Gave it to him and this sunday we went out to the airport which is never used for much of anything in the small town I'm in. Lots of room and mowed run way, got it to fly for about 7 minutes or so before it became too windy ordered up new batteries from an online store, which I knew there was goig to be a chance of needing, he's very anxious to go out again.
Any way I am looking to get a first plane for myself so we can both enjoy some air time, probably going to be a RTF or a BNF what would be a good one for me to purchase.
Thanks for your input and happy flying.