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Posted by cwg25 | Oct 12, 2012 @ 04:33 PM | 2,813 Views
Come on, we've all done it. You get that new piece of technology, whether it's a phone, computer, home theater system, or a radio transmitter and you want to fiddle with it to see what it's all about.

Well, that's when problems can occur. Mix that with a noob, and the likelihood for disaster increases.

So I'm having fun flying my F450, everything is working just fine. And then I decided to see what my tx(Walkera DEVO-10) is made of. I started browsing through all of the options. Just to look, nothing more. I was hoping to get a better understanding how things worked with the tx and how it relates to the naza unit.

I clicked around and through everything. Coming to the clock/timer section, I thought it would be harmless to try and set something up. My gear switch was free so I decided to set the timer start/stop feature to the gear switch. It worked. Hooray, I did something. Big whoop.

The real trouble starts when I attempt to fly. As a beginner, I always fly in GPS mode. I waited for the single green blinking light and start to throttle up. I noticed I had throttle control up until a few feet off the ground, but at that point I did not have elevator nor aileron control. As the quad started to drift away, I noticed I no longer had throttle or yaw control. Major panic ensues.

I should have realized at that point that switching to manual mode would have given control of the quad back over to me. But I was freaking out so that did not happen. Switched on...Continue Reading
Posted by cwg25 | Oct 11, 2012 @ 05:22 PM | 2,735 Views
I've gotten in almost 3 hours of flying time in the past few days, along with a bunch of hours last week, and feel comfortable enough to take a step forward and get a cheap but decent AP setup.

Well, maybe it's more being excited and eager than feeling totally comfortable.

I ordered a prebuilt x468 XT gimbal from and a GoPro Hero 2 from EBay. I'm going on vacation next week and hopefully I'll get everything in time to take it all with me.

I hope I'm not going too fast. Going to take it easy with flying the gimbal/camera, but I'm definitely getting better at everything.
Posted by cwg25 | Oct 09, 2012 @ 04:06 PM | 2,526 Views
I've been up and flying for the past couple days. I think my troubles getting back in the air came down to too much fiddling with the motors and props, and not noticing a motor going the wrong way or having a ccw prop on a cw motor. After double checking motor rotation and prop placement, my issue with a spinning out of control quad was fixed.

I replaced the cracked arm after ordering a bunch from I also replaced motor #1 after it sounded funny.

Now I'm thinking of getting a relatively simple camera mount/gimbal and a GoPro Hero 2.