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Posted by RcAirplaneNoob | Nov 25, 2013 @ 08:20 PM | 2,795 Views
Hello, I’m RcAirplaneNoob or formally Tyler. I will show you how I upgraded my ParkZone Polecat to 2s BrushLESS.
To do this upgrade you need the following.
• Ap1405 3000 kv motor from Hobbyking.com
• Turnigy Plush 6amp Brushless ESC from Hobbyking.com
• GWS 5030 props from Hobbyking.com
• A soldering station
• Hot glue gun
• A battery of your choice, I tried two 1s 500mah in series and it proved too heavy I recommend a 2s 180-200mah 25-50c battery (I use NanoTech from Hobbyking)
• 3/32nd plywood sheet
• Some small mounting screws for the firewall
• 1N400x Diodes

Anyway, to the modification, first off you need to open up your Polecat and remove the board and motor along with the gearbox. You then need to wire up the board to the esc in this fashion, note I didn’t use the extension pictured below, I just hard-wired everything.

Here is what mine looks like (on left) compared to the stock setup (on Right).

After you have this setup and made sure your prop is spinning in the correct direction, you need to make your firewall. Here is what mine ended up looking like. What shape you make it doesn’t matter as long as it is sturdy.
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