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Posted by Swammy1979 | Oct 21, 2012 @ 09:03 PM | 2,474 Views
Got rained in this weekend, had no choice but to try and build another plane. I've been getting excess foam foam from my job lately (I'm a service technician, so all the parts I order come packed with this stuff), and have been wanting to give it a try. The stuff is crazy flexible, so I assumed it would make a good crash-resistant fuselage. No way in hell i'd be able to make a wing out of it though, so this build uses Dollar tree foam as well as the other stuff (maybe it's epe foam?).

Like most pilots, one of my dream planes is a P-51 mustang...so I figured i'd give it a shot. Downloaded a 3-view drawing of the bird, blew it up and printed it in adobe, then traced and cut out my parts. I made an airfoil on the wing...,but made a complete goof. I was absolutely not paying attention and oriented my wing the wrong way. Now my supposed mustang has the wings facing the wrong way. Blah....but I don't feel like making another wing. She'll still fly, I'm sure, just won't be exactly what I wanted. Pics attached.
Posted by Swammy1979 | Sep 23, 2012 @ 04:11 PM | 2,308 Views
So, I have been in this hobby for a few months now using RTF's and such. I tried to build an F-22 scratchbuild, but it didn't turn out so great. I really REALLY wanted to build my own plane, so I headed on over to the scratchbuild university.

I watched the videos, read the tips, and figured "It shouldn't be too hard". So I went to the dollar tree, got several sheets of foam, and started building. I built a fuselage tube (courtesy Experimental Air), and an Armin Wing (also courtesy Experimental Air).

I had a spare motor / esc from my FMS-1280, so I threw those in there. Used a 2" block of plain foam, and glued a plastic piece to the front for a motor mount. I squeezed that in for a perfect fit in front of my fuselage tube. I used my spare foamboard to make a 15" wide tail with an 8" fin (forgive the improper terminology).

Basically, I "winged it"....but I think I got it right!! I put her all together, and she hovers in my living room! I still need 2 aileron servos before I can maiden her...and probably a set of wheels, but I really think she'll fly!! This is exciting!!!! (in case you couldn't tell by all the exclamation marks).

Electronics used:
Generic 2650kv brushless outrunner
GensAce 1300mah 2S battery
4x Hobbypeople 9g servos
APC 6x4E prop

2x Compartments:
Front compartment (underneath canopy) - Battery bay
Back compartment - Receiver