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Posted by JayJay76 | Jan 27, 2008 @ 11:31 PM | 8,517 Views
I finished this model in mid- December but I haven't had the occasion to snap any pics until today. Its pretty typical but has a few twists.

It is a 30" scaled-up version of the Micro Moth by chris3d. This is my third build of this model, the first in the original size, the second enlarged to 26" span. Both of those models were fantastic fliers, and I hope this one performs similarly.

The airframe is built entirely of 3mm "C" foam from balsapr.com, using my usual creased airfoil construction, but without the CF tube spar I usually incorporate into the leading edge. The flying and landing wires are tensioned, and provide a very stiff rigging. The wire itself is braided silk fishing line stripped from from an old fishing reel, and has worked very well on my other models. They are anchored to the top wing cabanes which are bamboo skewers that pierce a bulkhead in the fuse, and the "tank" in the middle of the top wing; at the lower wing root is a protruding music wire link that runs across the bottom of the wing to carry the flying wire tension load through the fuselage.

The landing gear are CF tubes, sandwiched between several layers of foam to set the splay angle. This gear is decidedly non-scale but has a clean appearance and seems durable. If I dork this model on maiden that will be where I start the rebuild.

The outboard ailerons are driven by a single Pico servo via pull-pull cable connected to bellcranks which drive the...Continue Reading