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Posted by JayJay76 | Oct 26, 2007 @ 10:49 AM | 7,267 Views
This model is constructed of 2mm foam salvaged from a sheet of sturdy board that was headed for the trash. I was just about to fold it up and stuff it into a trash bag when I looked at the thin layer of foam sandwiched between 2 paper layers, so I peeled a corner back to test how cleanly it would come off, and to my surprise it came off cleanly without leaving any residue or paper behind.

This foam has a porous surface and is stiff along one axis, flexible in the other. it feels like a lower density than depron and can be creased without snapping, too. regular CA melts it, but foam safe works fine, as does polyurethane glue which expands into the porous skin and holds on tight.

It sat in my foam box for a few months till I needed a light thin foam for a small build, it was the perfect choice for a scaled-up old time sheet model, the Frog junior series featured sheet balsa construction and were designed to be stable and easy for a junior flyer to trim even at a scant 11" wingspan.

I scaled up the plans to 18.5" span and made a kit of parts, and before the night was through I had framed up the fuselage and hinged the tail feathers.

Another night to make the wings and install radio gear, and most of a Saturday afternoon pleasantly spent painting and detailing produced what you see here.

Full up flying weight is 76g including a 300mah 2 cell lipo.

It is motivated by a hobbycity.com 10g brushless motor and 6g esc spinning a GWS HD6030 prop, and...Continue Reading