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Posted by Kabuki986 | Jul 17, 2012 @ 09:21 AM | 1,965 Views
Hello Community!

FliteTest (.com and YTchannel) has been my catalyst into this hobby that I wanted to join for so long...special thanks to their producers/hosts and sponsors - such as HobbyKing! **wink**

I'm jumping into the Hobby I should have started some 10yrs ago; but alas I am here! Found this site and plan on returning after I set my first scratch-build in motion...what are they? First, I need to grab the standard building materials and start assembly -- for me I'm going with a 22in F-22 Raptor foamie; the first one will be mounted as a Prop'n'slot pusher; then I will probably build a larger tractor-mounted one for increased characteristics...

Foamies to start; exploring all avenues of reinforcing the structures before jumping into modifying models to fly -- looking into creating an AT-99 Scorpion (Avatar movie gunship); anyhow...


> Foamie (22in F22 Raptor; 32-36in F22-Raptor -- props to start then EDF)
> Foamie//EDF (F35/36 VTOL single EDF)
> A10 Warthog; probably 36-42inWS for EDF -- mostly due to its glide!
> ???


More to come -- OUT