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HK Controlled switch Shutter release
Hi there guys, its been really frustrating past 2 nights, im stressing out trying to find a good shutter, i bought this sled shutter for canon, and spent 18$ over it, but luckily i had to cancel it because i found a way, well, i had to revive some threads that are considered "no useful", but hey, im a man of my own failure, so i tried it anyway, ,

I ended up on this 300year old thread that says you cant use your controlled switch as a shutter release, well i believed but i had time so i tried it, well its true it didnt work the way they think it should

thinking back with this switch, i remembered how the connections are so important.

so i mocked around a little bit and came with the idea of placing the negative somewhere negative well the only part on my Kiss X3 was the hot shoe().

anyway i connected them negativitys together and guess what i jumped trough the roof the split second i heard the continuity on my meter (Literally)

Btw, here are some pictures and vids ( I will keep updating as my internet currently reached its download limit and now i upload at 10kbps )

Here is some pics

(Taken with my Kiss X3)

Just a short look of how i connected it

(taken with galaxy s2 as i coudnt use the cam)

A summary of the whole process
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