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Posted by gwillh | Jul 09, 2012 @ 07:51 AM | 1,946 Views
2012-07-07 - Axon/Noob Tube hybrid.
- Built. Waiting on Prop. Glide tests complete.
- Nose mounted prop a la Noob Tube
- High wing like the Axon
- 3 Compartments to assist in weight distribution, wiring and because they are batteries and servos from 2003...THEY'RE BIG!

2012-07-08 - Oops
- Forgot to buy prop for Axon. Bought supplies to build more planes....

2012-07-09 12:00 - Found the Blu Baby posts
- 12:10-15:00 Built a 1 sheet readi-board 24" Blu Baby
- Completed the air frame, rough sanded, glide tested.
- Bought a 19g park motor to use in Baby Blu until I finish a power glider project, at which time it shall reside on the string of memories from my ceiling.

2012-07-09 15:00 - Found the SeaBB (Sea Blu Baby) posts
- 15:00-17:00 - Stared with slack jaw at pictures and video of the prettiest water borne foamie I have ever seen. (I love seaplanes, can you guess)
- Logged back onto Hobby King retail and ordered a new 30a ESC/BEC and a 1550 kv motor that will handle a 8x4 prop to lift a 42" SeaBB (oddly enough the same size the park flyer motor takes..... coincidence?) (Forgot to buy spare servos at the same time...*sigh*...another order)
- Tomorrow I shall accidentally drop multiple sheets of foam into a shopping cart while I'm not looking and pretend I don't have a foam addiction.