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Posted by Titus ZA | Aug 22, 2012 @ 02:00 AM | 2,361 Views
What an amazing weekend of flying it was this past weekend. Friday afternoon I was itching for some flying, but the wind was up a bit. however windfinder showed that it was dying down quickly. So I waited till about 4pm and headed out to the park. The air was very warm and still with a gentle breeze blowing. So got the Blackjack out and got into the swing of things and hunting for lift. Had a good couple of flights with flights well into the 3-4min bracket. Then I started to find some lift that was pretty good in the corner of the field. So a good launch up and out to the corner an started to work the lift. Next thing I know im pretty high. So leave the thermal and head back to where I found it and what do you know, there it is again. I worked it for as long as I could and then eventually came down. As it landed in my hand, I flick the switch to stop the timer and look down at the display. 7min 38sec. Wow, best flight to date. Really chuffed with that. starting to get the hang of it, although I think the plane is making up some of my mistakes.

One thing I need to try figure out is that I struggle to circle the thermal. When I bank the plane, it noses down a bit and looses altitude. So need to figure that out. think the CG needs to come back a bit and I also think it is still flying too slowly. So need to work it out and do some more research. But apart from that, Iím loving this plane. It certainly draws a lot of attention at the park with people asking what is it, how...Continue Reading
Posted by Titus ZA | Aug 13, 2012 @ 03:29 PM | 2,666 Views
Well my venture into gliders is really pickup and taking off so to speak. I have been eyeing a DLG for some time now and have been doing a bit of research on which one to go for. I decided that I should go for something carbon, as it can handle the general everyday knocks a bit better than the normal stuff. So i got in touch with Graham1234 on here who makes a local DLG called the Blackjack. Itís a full carbon bagged wing setup with a 2.4GHz friendly Kevlar nose.

So I picked it up on Saturday and began setting it and my radio up. Sadly no flying could take place this past weekend as the wind was howling though here. Anyways, i managed to get some flight modes setup and was reasonably happy with it. CG is a bit forward but will see.

Thankfully the wind decided to chill out a bit today and there was a gentle breeze blowing the entire day. So I shot home after work put the Blackjack in the car and headed off to my local flying spot. Did a couple gentle dart throw type launches just to to see if CG wasn't too much of an issue and made sure it was ok trim wise. I then gave it a gentle discus launch to get some altitude for its maiden flight. Flight went without incident and no bad habits or anything odd. So brought it in for a decent catch and then started throwing with a bit more force but, nothing close to what I will normally be launching at. What I did notice with a bit more power in the launches, is that she climbs really steep, almost vertical, so think some tuning...Continue Reading
Posted by Titus ZA | Aug 10, 2012 @ 10:15 AM | 2,480 Views
I have been pretty slack of late with updates to my blog so here is an update from about 3 weeks ago and also some stuff from more recently.

Well, i finally had my maiden flight 3weeks ago. I picked up a new radio, Aurora 9 and an Alula a little while ago and got it built up the night ebfore i went to the slope.So the saturday I headed out to a slope with Mikegbogh and 2 other gentlemen. Wind was pretty good at the top of slope with winds of around 20kph gusting to about 25 if i recall corectly. made for an interesting days flying as the lift was a bit on an off, but meant you had to work for the lift and made it more enjoyable. This however didnt really bother me too much as the Alula weights in at about 160grams, yet to weigh it tho. However,the 6m beasts that were there had some good flights with altitudes of over 370m for the day and also flights times of over 2 hours.

As for my maiden, it was a bit hectic and it cetainly got my pulse racing. But man, what a rush! had a great number of flights, first about a 1min as i worked out were not to fly and got pushed back over the edge. 2nd was over 30min and so was the next. had 2 "out landings" and 1 crash. i seem to think that with the light weight and small wing span i was sucked down in a gust and nosed into some rocks. Thankfully plane survived with only a fews scartches and lost ballast.

overall, a fantastic day and had a grin on my face the enitre way home. Big thanks to Mike and the guys for a great...Continue Reading
Posted by Titus ZA | Jul 12, 2012 @ 04:08 AM | 2,534 Views
Right, time for a new update for my blog.

So my Alula is at the post office and I should hopefully be going round to pick it up this afternoon. Apart from that I need to get some servos and battery for it, so will make a swing past the hobby store either this afternoon or possibly tomorrow. Then I will get building as soon as I can, really hoping to have it all ready for this weekend so I can get some flying in. Although the weather forecast seems to be pretty miserable with cold, wet and rather windy conditions coming this weekend, particularly Saturday. Sunday seems to be a bit better, so letís see.

One a another good note I finally got myself a decent radio. After many hours of youtube surfing, forums reviews and much investigation I settled on an Aurora 9. Went past the hobby shop yesterday and picked it up. I am as chuffed as nuts with it. Absolutely chalk and cheese compared to the RTR radio that came with the Art-tech Cessna. Wow! It was a bit over my budget but felt that it will serve me well for the foreseeable future. I may not make use of all the features right away, but as my hangar grows and I get new gliders I can make the most of both the radio and gliders without having to cough out again for a new radio.

Apart from that, not much new on the radar at this stage. Will give updates once I get the Alula done and give its maiden flight.

Posted by Titus ZA | Jul 05, 2012 @ 08:48 AM | 2,485 Views
So my new adventure into the world of RC aircraft begins, well almost. I am not new to the world of RC, I have been running RC cars since my early childhood days and still run some today. But, i recently have taken a big interesting in gliders and more specifically the PSS scene. There is something fascinating and incredible about the unpowered flight.

I currently have an EPO Cessna 182 that is sitting in the cupboard that is slightly battered after its and my maiden flight a few weeks ago. Subsequently I went and got myself a sim and have been logging some hours on that. I can have certainly noticed a massive difference in my flying, but thats still on a sim and not the real thing yet, but at least i have improved my skills somewhat. I finally feel more comfortable taking a plane to the air without turning it into a shower of debris

Anyways, I digress here, onto what my current stand is. I am in the process of getting an Alula to get me started in the slope scene and use that as a basis for training and getting used to slope work. Once I feel I have settled into that, I will get myself a PSS plane. Something in the warbird scene. There is something magical and unique about the "old timers". Funny how these old planes are as popular as ever with migs, spitfires and Messerschmitts swarming the skies at most slopes.

Iím also in the process of hunting down a new radio, as I do need an investment in a decent radio but also need something that is computerized in order to deal with the mixing required to fly the Aula. hopefully will have made my mind up in the next week and have one in my hands.

But for now, itís some more sim time while I wait for the Alula to arrive.