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Posted by TapouT21 | Aug 05, 2012 @ 12:25 AM | 3,638 Views
I wanted to fit my V911 TX into a harbor Freight small case (11" X 7" X 4", item 36870, was $12.79 after 20% coupon) along with 2 helis. Am waiting on BNF before decide how to put the helis in. I am going to use velcro or elestic to hold the TX in (more to come).

First I don't like the plastic chrome so I took off and painted some of it flat black with Testors model paint.

I purchased a Nylon Hose barb elbow at lowes (1/2 in ID 1/2 in MIP, Watts brand number A-394, Lowe's part # 29375 $2.22) and a 1' piece of 3/8" OD polyethylene tubing (Lowes part # 22267, $0.21 /foot).

Just got a new Black & Decker 2amp dremel type rotary tool from Amazon today (29.99) and used it for cuts. It is a great tool, has 12k, 24k & 30k rpm. Is very quiet and smooth on low/12k rpm. I also got the dremel brand keyless chuck for it ($7 and love it!). Plus a 228 piece acc. kit for $15.50.

I cut the elbow section out from the nylon hose barb. I then drilled out the elbow on one end so it fits over the controller stub after the antenna housing is removed. Unless you have the piece held very firmly it will expand some when drilling (did on me) so drill bit size could vary. For me it was very tight when drilled out with a 25/64" bit. I drilled mine again using a 13/32" bit it was was a little loose (using screw anyway).

I lined it up to the TX and marked to drill the screw hole which is a 5/64" hole. I then drilled out just a little bit on the other elbow end so the tubing would fit in easier. Cut a piece of the 3/8" OD tubing (about 7/8" long I think).

I glued the 3/8" into the one end and then marked and drilled a hole into the 3/8" OD piece for the stock housing to screw onto. Hope I didn't leave anything out. if so ask.

Then paint and install ;-)