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Posted by bettascott | Jun 29, 2012 @ 05:21 PM | 1,891 Views
I just want everyone to know what a pain in the butt Banana hobby is. I bought a Mig 29 EDF Jet with 360 vectoring. I went with RTF as it needed a 12 Channel Radio to fly and use all their goodies. I have a Spektrum DX7s and it only has 7 channels. The model was $405 with shipping. I got the airplane withni a couple of days. There were numerous problems with the airplane. The receiver was put together poorly and the pins that the servo connector plug into were at an angle so that the it was very hard to connect the servos to the receiver. The thrust vector nozzel had a servo connector that would not stay together. The connecting rod from the servo that moved the thrust vector nozzel would fall out of the Connector to the nozzel. The plane was wired wrong with the servo wires. The retractable nose gear, didn't. The servo motor would run but the gear would not retract. The right main gear would hangup during extension. I epoxed the wings on. I also added some Foam Safe CA to the crack between the wing and fuselage. The wing is not EPO foam because it started to melt. When I complained about all this, I was told since I had started putting the plane together, they wouldn't replace it.

I contacted Banana Hobby within 2 days of getting it as it took that long to find all the problems. Unfortunately I didn't find the miss wiring till I was ready to connect the wings. Where there should have been the aileron servo wire, was the elevator wire. I sent...Continue Reading