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Posted by co348kadetdriver | Aug 19, 2012 @ 07:12 PM | 1,642 Views
My name is Chris. Im new to this sight. i currently have three airplanes. non of them are flyable right now thanks to a crash with my lt 40 (just before i crashed i rebuilt the thing and converted it to tailwheel). the other two, (i have to trainers, one that i got and decided it was to squirely,) the other one, my lt 40, witch i love with all my heart and i think its the best trainer anyone can get, i crashed also.
The third one is a biblane, witch i unearthed out of the depths of despair from a barn, is under restoration. Im still trying to figure out how to repair the wing on my lt 40. anyone that wants to buy it, its yours for $125 rxr ready lpu only. anyone who can help please let me know.