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Posted by RCboss101 | Jun 17, 2012 @ 02:15 AM | 1,998 Views
This is our plea for help from an evil force of nature and his uncontrolled bad behavior and complete lack of common decency and genuine disregard for anyone but himself. put him on the RC worlds #1 most disgusting and foul mouthed individuals whom you hope to never meet. He is banned from all credible RC forums so beware with all your might.

His RC TRUTH has almost every login ID being Curtis Mattikow talking with himself. not real people at all just himself hiding behind the keyboard and made up ID's pretending to exchange messages with other people that don't exist except in his fantasy land. Not clever just weird and sick, and then his shill company EasyTiger Models that sells items that are immune to any problems at all along with his unethical and criminal business tactics. The supposed open forum ADMIN (himself) makes comments, deletes and bans at will what he doesn't like. go ahead and post this message and see how long it takes for him to remove and ban the user that does it. Fortunately he doesn't control the other forums.

He rips people off but they don't forgot.

He is a very bad man, very bad.

Contact him and his family members and ask why he wastes everyone's time and money.