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Posted by hobbyfitec | Jul 28, 2012 @ 03:45 AM | 2,875 Views
There is going to held a model show in Shanghai on 28-29 of Auguest,
It must be lively and interesting!
It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the show.
Our Booth is:231 of Hall 3
Look forward to meet you on that day!
Feetech Rc model Co.,ltd

Posted by hobbyfitec | Jul 14, 2012 @ 12:00 AM | 2,649 Views
Posted by hobbyfitec | Jul 02, 2012 @ 11:34 PM | 3,287 Views
We are glad to inform that,

Our new logo in attachment.

To avoid people think Fitec name is copy of Hitec.

Thank you!
Posted by hobbyfitec | Jun 19, 2012 @ 02:32 AM | 2,819 Views
-Small digital metal gears servo metallic case

-2BB Coreless motor

-Operating Voltage:4.8-6Volts

-Interface: (like JR)

-Wire length: 20cm

Full Packaged


-Servo arm*1 bag

-Size: 86X67X40mm

-GW: 83g

Power 4.8V 6V
Speed 0.10sec/60° 0.08sec/60°
Torque 5.1kg.cm/70.95 oz.in 6.3 kg.cm/87.64oz.in
Weight 30g(1.06oz)
Size 35.4*15.1*30.2mm


-Refer to the figure when installing the servo accessories. Caution: For engine powered
airplanes, helicopter, vehicle model, must use rubber shock pad to fix.
-Please choose correct model for your application.
Caution: Torque over-loaded will damage the servo’s mechanism.
-The products use coreless motor; please choose the right power voltage of
servo according the specification. Please pay more attention that it may affect unnormal
working or damage of servo if using the servo oversteps the normal range of voltage.
-Keep the servo clean and away from dust, corrosive gas and humid air.
-Our company keeps the right of amendment, if there are some changes of parameter
and appearance, without notice.

Posted by hobbyfitec | Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:34 PM | 3,594 Views
Fitec New programmable servo

Size: 40.0*20.0*37.5 mm
Weight: 73g(2.58oz)
Speed: 0.17sec/60°(6V)
Torque: 18.9kg.cm/262.9 oz.in(6V)
21.3kg.cm/296.3 oz.in( 7.4V )
Application:1/10 1/8 Car, Boat, Robot
Programmer functions;
1. FAIL SAFE, On or Off
2. Direction of Rotation
3. Travel Speed
4. Servo Max Torque limit, and Punch
5. Center, End, and FAIL SAFE Point
6. Signal Pulse Set-Up
7. Strenth(Holding Power, Runing Power, Acceleration and Deceleration)
8. Dead Band Width
9. Resolution Setup
10.“Save and Open” File Options
11. Reset Factory Default Data
12.Read and Write Servo Data

-Size: 40.1*20.0*37.5mm
-Metal gears 2BB
-Coreless motor
-Voltage: 6~7.4V
-Interface: (like JR)
-Wire length: 30cm
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Posted by hobbyfitec | Jun 11, 2012 @ 10:01 PM | 3,037 Views
Fitec FS6530M-Large 30kg.cm metal gears servo for 1:5 car

-Large analog 6 metal gears servo 2BB
-Constant current protection(will not burnt out circuit board)
-Operating Voltage:4.8-6Volts
-Interface: (like JR)
-Wire length: 30cm
Full Packaged
-Servo arm*1 bag
Power 4.8V 6V
Speed 0.25sec/60degree 0.20sec/60degree
Torque 24.5kg.cm/340.84oz.in 30.1kg.cm/418.74oz.in
Weight 137g(4.84oz)
Size 59.5*29.1*49.5mm
Application 1:5 CAR
Posted by hobbyfitec | Jun 11, 2012 @ 05:24 AM | 3,407 Views

FS5679M: Low profile HV high-speed digital servo for 1/10 EP/GP Car
Size: 40.1*20.0*28.5 mm
Weight: 53g(1.87oz)
Speed: 0.09sec/60°(6V)
Torque: 7.5kg.cm/104.34 oz.in(6V)
9.2 kg.cm/127.99 oz.in( 7.4V )
Application: 1/10 EP/GP Car
-Standard low profile HV high-speed digital metal gears servo,2BB
-Coreless motor
- Dead band: 2 u sec
-Operating Voltage:6-7.4Volts
-Interface: (like JR)
-Wire length: 30cm
Full Packaged
-Servo arm-1 bag
-GW: 63g
Like JR wire:
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