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Posted by Hava Film | Jun 10, 2012 @ 10:11 AM | 3,193 Views
http://www.info@havafilm.com(Without Servos)
*Phoenix is a universal camera mount for Canon and Nikon D-SLR etc. Also it will work with other small cameras as well.
*100% aluminum (laser cutting)
*Anodized colored black-red-yellow
*Most of the parts are assembled
*The kit is including connection equipment for XAircraft and other multirotors
*If you prefer to order with servos; mounting is made by us

Technical Specification:

*Weight (Without servos) :***Phoenix 400 gr.*** HF-XA ( unlegged ) 177gr.
*Max. Width of the camera :180 mm.
*Max. Height of the camera :123 mm.

Servos that we offered:
1-) ROLL= Hitec HS 5245 MG
2-) TILT = Hitec HS 5485 HB - HS 6635 HB ( Servo Program Setup )...Continue Reading